Every year, NWMRT …along with the other Mountain Rescue Teams in Ireland…and some even from England….join together to provide cover,  if they are needed, for the annual Reek Sunday (last Sunday in July) walk by thousands of pilgrims up Croagh Patrick in County Mayo. Travelling down through the night, our team members are deployed on the hill almost immediately and have to wait…no matter the weather… usually near the summit…ready for any emergency that may rise. Every year NWMRT are called upon to help at least one person in difficulties…and this year was no exception.

Whilst on Croagh Patrick the team encountered a 46 year old male experiencing severe chest pains… Rescue 188 and Air Corp helicopters were both tasked to the incident and NWMRT  secured a helicopter landing site. The casualty was then evacuated by the team to the helicopter and his four children were taken into the care of team, evacuated to Mayo Mountain Rescue Base and transferred to care of Mayo MRT.

Our stretcher…which was taken by the helicopter was retrieved from the hospital later.

Once again NWMRT provided a life-saving role on the hill.