What We Do

The NWMRT provides assistance to anyone in need in mountainous, remote or hostile environments.  We work closely with statutory organisations such as the PSNI, NI Fire and Rescue Service and NI Ambulance Service.  We also train and undertake operations with other volunteer rescue organisations.  We encourage outdoors activities and are committed to improving safety through information and advice.


Skills expected from the Team are wide ranging, requiring a high level of competency.  These include medical assistance, search, recovery, technical rope work and incident control.  In addition, each member must be able to work in severe weather, navigate, and operate effective communications.

To remain competent, Sections train at least two evenings per month in multi-disciplined activities. They also come together and train monthly in different exercises during which they operate under a central control.  In addition, team members would regularly attend courses run by Mountain Rescue Ireland, Mountain Rescue Council of Scotland and Mountain Rescue England and Wales.


The team currently has over 60 members. It continually recruits to maintain a dedicated team of volunteers, who will respond at a moments notice.  New members are taken through rigorous training which may take up to two years, before they are considered for full membership.  These volunteers are committed to improving safety on the hills, especially for youth groups, and providing help to those who need it.


The Team provides a 24 hour call-out service at the request of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.  Team members are expected to respond in all weather conditions, 365 days of the year.  In order to respond quickly, team members must have personal equipment packed at all times, a mobile phone to be called out on operations, and a form of independent transport to travel to operational incidents.

The team is organised into 3 Sections with vehicles based in Enniskillen, Magherafelt and Broughshane and known as West, Central and East Sections respectively.  The nearest Section provides an immediate response until additional resources arrive from the other Sections.  To call Mountain Rescue in an emergency, phone 999 or 112. Ask for Police and then Mountain Rescue

Operational Area Map

In an emergency or if you get into difficulties

call 112 or 999.


NWMRT at the BBC1 recording