North West Mountain Rescue Team has to be ready to spring into action at any time, to anywhere in Northern Ireland, but on Sunday team members from all parts where in the right place, at the right time, to help.
While in the middle of training in Fermanagh, NWMRT got a Call Out from the PSNI Control Room, that the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service were requesting assistance to evacuate an injured mountain biker with neck, back and head injuries in the vicinity of Corralea Activity Centre, outside Belcoo, Fermanagh.
Training in the area was stopped immediately and a full team call-out was initiated, due to serious nature of injuries described by PSNI, so members sprang into action to get to the location.
The NI Air Ambulance was also tasked, but said they would have difficulties getting close to the casualty, given the forest area where the casualty was located.
NWMRT arrived there on foot within 15 minutes and working alongside members of NIAS set about making the male casualty comfortable, before packing him into a vacuum mattress, loading him on to a stretcher and carrying him out of the forest to the roadside and waiting ambulance.
NI Air Ambulance were able to make a landing nearby, but after examination on board the ambulance by the doctors from the helicopter, it was felt that the casualty could be transported by ambulance by road to the local hospital for treatment.
Once the NIAS had left with the casualty and the Air Ambulance had departed, NWMRT were stood down.
An operation that once again demonstrated the value and success of inter-agency co-operation.