The primary function of NWMRT is to help those people in danger or trouble. However, we don’t do it alone and we couldn’t do it without the support and help of others.  So it was with great pleasure that some of the team in the last couple of days met with our colleagues in Air Ambulance NI…so find out more about their work and to see the details and content of their craft…not only because we can be called upon to work together but to appreciate the valuable voluntary work they do.  We were also very grateful to the “Northern Dazzlers” (Gareth Farmer, Patricia McDade, Karen Harvey, Angela Reid and Margaret Diamond) …..all managers of the Community Care Directorate of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust who raised money for NWMRT through sponsorship by taking part as a relay team in the recent Belfast Marathon in recognition and thanks of the help and support NWMRT gave them during the recent snow and ice bad weather conditions. Thank you from all of us here at NWMRT. It is with help such as this that we can continue to give that support.