It has been a busy week for NWMRT. On Saturday 24 February, Probationary members were put through their paces to be assessed to become full members. They had to demonstrate their proficiency in Search Techniques, Navigation, First Aid and Technical Rigging. All of this was done in difficult weather conditions …. freezing temperatures and mist on top of Cave Hill in Belfast…exactly the sort of thing NWMRT members are required to do 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

On Tuesday of last week, members took part in a visit, along with members of our colleagues in British Red Cross to see Northern Ireland Air Ambulance. Rodney Connor, a trustee of the charity and a member of the airport staff explained all about the helicopter, how it operates with the medical staff etc.

On Wednesday, NWMRT members then talked to members of Killskeery BB in Fermanagh. 20 children aged 6 – 15 year olds were instructed in safety walking in the hills/forests, shown the equipment we use and discussed what to do if something goes wrong and they need help.

Lastly, with the bad weather towards the end of the week, for two days, members once again gave assistance to the Northern Health Board to get Care Workers in the area to be able to check and treat vulnerable people living in remote locations in that area.

A full week of activity for North West Mountain Rescue Team.