Whilst undertaking training exercises, in bitterly cold conditions, in the vicinity of Slemish Mountain on St. Patrick’s Day, NWMRT were tasked to help two walkers (husband and wife) who became cragfast (unable to descend or ascend from their position on sheer edges and difficult terrain on the hill).
Two teams were dispatched and they secured both walkers. In one of the cases, the team had use their skills with our harnessing and technical equipment and both were brought to the team vehicles, transported down and handed over to our colleagues in St John Ambulance.
In another incident, the team was approached by a mother and son requesting assistance.
The son was very cold and unable to continue on the route back and they were also assisted to the team vehicles and then on to our colleagues in St. John Ambulance.
All in all…another very successful day for NWMRT.